Lupe and Micha Liz

Lupe and Micha Liz - The Hot Cuckold Couple

Lupe and Micha has been in the Cuckold scene for quite a long time. I have been seeing their videos in a lot of tube sites and are scattered everywhere. Micha is the cuckold hotwife that loves BBCs. You can see most of her videos circulating around being spitroasted, fucked by more than 2 BBCs and she takes it rough! I was able to talk to this couple a while back and they are very generous to provide us with their sample video teasers and photos from their social media accounts. I will try to have an interview with them so you guys can know them more! You may catch them on their profiles at: PornHubTwitterInstagram.

Gladly they also have an Onlyfans profile and you can follow them there for more premium and subscriber only content!


Without further ado, here are some of their videos that I found floating around the internet!:


These are just some of the free videos I see circulating on the internet, what more with their premium content? Check them out now at!